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MBean level, transparent Proxy


As a Jolokia deployer
I want to offer a local MBean facade for transparently proxying to MBeans on another server via JSR 160
because this releases the caller from the burden to provide the target information for the proxy and makes it more 'type' safe

In addition to the given JSR-160 proxy, which requires special requests to be sent, and alternative could be 'transparent' MBean proxies registered at the MBeanServer on the proxy server side. These MBeans could dynamically discover the signature for the target by calling the list command on the target. Also, the MBeans need to be able to sent HTTP request on their own (via the Jolokia Java library) to push on the request.

Registration and configuration of the MBeans should be done in a deployment descriptor (similar jolokia-access.xml) or maybe even dynamically. A 'register-all' option would be cool as well.

Acceptance criteria
  • A own (XML) deployment descriptor has been developed which allows for the target configuration:

    • The JSR-160 routing information (including credentials)

    • Specifications of MBeans with the possibility to specify patterns on an MBean granularity

    • The local names of the proxied MBeans, maybe only by adding a qualifier

    • Whether the JSR-160 connection should be kept or created afresh each time

  • Integration tests (possible feeding the JSR-160 request back to the proxy server itself for ease of testing)



Acceptance Criteria




Roland Huss


Roland Huss