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CORS support for Javascript Library


The client javascript library should support IE8 specials XDomainRequest Object which is used for cross domain requests. For all other mordern browsers, the current integration already works and for IE8 it works also, when a dedicated jquery plugin is used which installs a specific Ajax transport (search for iecors.js).

However, for a Jolokia client library users a cross domain request should be transparently possible regardless the browser in use.

Ideally and the perfect solution would be to automatically detect from the Jolokia-URL whether a cross site access is required, then if CORS is supported or a JSONP fallback should be used, so that this would work transparently without doing any configuration.

For implementation starting points, please refer to


Acceptance Criteria

Has the Javascript Library support for IE ? Is there an automatic detection for cross domain requests ? Automatic degradition to JSONP when CORS is not available ?



Roland Huss


Roland Huss

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