Jolokia Request Routing


As a Jolokia user
I want to use a Jolokia agent also as a proxy to other Jolokia agents in an efficient way
because this allows for a single entry point from the 'outside' to all managed servers 'inside'

Similar to the JSR-160 proxy, there should be a way to pass on Jolokia request directly to another server. In contrast to the JSR-160 proxy, this mode should avoid parsing and recreating the request in order to get the target information. The idea is to use custom HTTP-Header for the routing information (so, even multiple 'hops' could become possible).

This feature would be solve various use cases:

  • A monitoring solution for multiple servers which uses Jolokia's JavaScript integration. This way, hacks like JSONP or other solutins like CORS (see JOL-27) could be avoided to circumvent the same-origin policy.

  • For JEE clusters, the admin server could proxy through to the managed servers giving a single view of the domain (described in weblogic lingo)

This story requires the modification of all clients in order to support the custom request and response headers in addition to the 'regular' request.

For simple authentication purposes, the credentials for the target server should be added obfuscated in the header.

Acceptance Criteria
  • By using custom HTTP-Headers it should be possible to specify target hosts for the requests

  • Specifying and using authentication for the target host should be possible

  • Response Headers must indicate that the result is for a different server



Acceptance Criteria



Roland Huss


Roland Huss